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WATCH: #SWAT season 2 ep 10 ‘1000 Joules’ [full ep]

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The SWAT team must recover DNA evidence kits stolen from a crime lab and bring in the crew responsible; financial strain at home makes it difficult for Deacon to focus on his role as leader of the SWAT division’s annual holiday toy drive. . WATCH ‘S.W.A.T’ season 2 episode 10 BELOW!

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WATCH: #RHONJ season 9 ep 5 ‘Turkish Delights’ [full ep]


Teresa and her husband fight to keep their family intact as they embark on a public legal battle for their freedom; Teresa’s friend and veteran housewife, Dina, returns to help her, but ends up revealing her own private pain; Dina attempts to face her fear of dating in the 21st century; Melissa partners with her husband, hoping to begin a career in the sanitation business; and Melissa’s friend from the past, Amber, tries to rekindle their friendship, but stirs up trouble in the process.
WATCH ‘The real Housewives of New Jersey’ season 9 episode 5 BELOW!
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WATCH: #WillandGrace season 10 ep 8 ‘Anchor Away’ [full ep]


In order to land a handsome TV news anchor with a penchant for dim, silly men, Will seeks advice from Jack on how not to be himself; Karen enlists Grace to help get photos of her ex Stan’s affair with Lorraine Finster… WATCH ‘Will & Grace’ season 10 episode 8 BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #WillandGrace season 10 ep 8 ‘Anchor Away’ [full ep]

WATCH: #JSFamilyVacation season 2 ep 16 ‘Wallopin’ in Manalapan’ [full ep]

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The cast of Jersey Shore swore they would always do a vacation together. Now, five years, five kids, three marriages, and who knows how many GTL sessions later, the gang is back together and on vacation in SIN CITY— VEGAS!

It’s clap-back season when the roomies stand up to someone who harasses them at the bar.
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#KevinHart ‘STEPS DOWN’ from #Oscars gig! [vid]



Grand OPENING—GRAND CLOSING!  Just as QUICK as we CELEBRATED Kevin Hart being NAMED the HOST of the 2019 ACADEMY AWARDS, he has ‘STEPPED DOWN’ amidst backlash from the CONTROVERSY of HOMOPHOBIC TWEETS that surfaced from his past!

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The #GoldenGlobes NOMINATIONS are IN! [vid]


It’s GEARING up for AWARD SEASON, and with that, the Golden Globe Nominations are IN!! Get the complete RUNDOWN after the JUMP!

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#ThirstTrap Thursday! Hot BODS from #Rotimi #ChrisBrown #LebronJames #NickCannon #TreySongz & MORE! [pics]


It’s THIRST TRAP THURSDAY and when you are REALLY FEELING yourself, why not SHARE with SOCIAL MEDIA so they can FEEL you TOO!  Check out these HOT BODIES from Chris Brown, Reggie Bush,  Trey Songz, Lebron James, Nick Cannon, Diggy Simmons, Michael B Jordan and MORE! Continue reading #ThirstTrap Thursday! Hot BODS from #Rotimi #ChrisBrown #LebronJames #NickCannon #TreySongz & MORE! [pics]

#Offset’s ALLEGED mistress gives TEARFUL APOLOGY to #CardiB! [vid]


Earleir this week we reported that Cardi B had announced she and Offset were ‘no longer together’. We chalked it up to a PR stunt (still could be), but it appears there is some truth to it.

I mean we ALL knew it wasn’t the BEST idea to marry a man who had already CHEATED prior to the UNION and has CHILDREN from DIFFERENT WOMEN with no MARRIAGE. What made Cardi think he was going to be E with her? She literally put her CAREER on PAUSE when it was kicking into HIGH GEAR to be with him and have a CHILD and then he does what he has had a TRACK RECORD of doing–being UNFAITHFUL. Why even get married one might ask??? Well I digress, but the WOMAN who ALLEGEDLY has come between Cardi and Offset has SPOKEN OUT and has issued a TEARFUL apology for her PART in BREAKING UP CARDI B’S ‘happy home’. Continue reading #Offset’s ALLEGED mistress gives TEARFUL APOLOGY to #CardiB! [vid]

WAKE UP JAM:#KevinGates ‘Jam’ feat. #TreySongz #TyDollaSign #JamieFoxx [vid]



This song is prolly yo ‘JAM’!!! Kevin Gates assembled a DREAM TEAM of artists for this HIT, right? Jamie Foxx, Trey Songz and Ty Dolla Sign on one TRACK!
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WATCH: #BlackInkCrew season 7 ep 11 ‘Sky Priority'[full ep]


After Ceaser shockingly fires Sky, the shop descends into chaos; Bae and Rob receive devastating news; Sky plots her revenge on Ceaser; Ted is furious when Tati gets wasted at a Black Ink party and goes home with another guy.
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WATCH: #HustleInBK season 1 ep 8 ‘Sky’s the Limit’ [full ep]


Getting her hustle on, Alicia makes a move to represent Azia despite Santos and Darnell; Jesse and Ivy discover the limits of their struggling romance; Darnell recommits himself to his family. WATCH ‘Hustle In Brooklyn’ season 1 Episode 8 BELOW!

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WATCH: #AMillionLittleThings season 1 ep 9 ‘Perspective’ [full ep]

Recurring nightmares force Maggie to face a life-altering trauma from her past, while in real life, the group finally discovers that her cancer is back. Gary seeks help from an unexpected someone in order to make one final attempt at convincing Maggie to get treatment, but everything comes to a head at Regina and Delilah’s first tasting party at the new restaurant, leaving this circle of friends to wonder if things will ever be the same.
WATCH “A Million Little Things’ season 1 episode 9 BELOW!!!
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