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#MusicMonday: #AnitaBaker and #ReginaBelle UNITE for ‘You Bring Me Joy’ [LIVE]


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It’s #MusicMonday!  And if you know GOOD music–you know these two POWERHOUSE VOCALIST!  The INCOMPARABLE Anita Baker and the INCREDIBLE Regina Belle! These two amazing voices UNITED onstage for an IMPROMPTU rendition of Baker’s MEGA HIT, ‘You Bring Me Joy’!  No rehearsal.. just MUSICAL prowess at work!  This will give you CHILLS!!!





On This Day…22 years ago #ToniBraxton released ‘Secrets’! [vids]

Can you really BELIEVE that it has been 22 years since Toni Braxton released her SOPHOMORE album ‘Secrets’.  There was DEFINITELY no ‘sophomore jinx’ on that one! ‘Secrets’ spawned the hits ‘You’re Makin Me High’, ‘Unbreak My Heart’, and MANY MORE!

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#DesusandMero LEAVING #Viceland for SHOWTIME talk show! [details]


Desus and Mero’ fans REJOICE because the COMEDIC duo has just come upon another HUGE come-up.  The Desus Nice and The Kid Mero are LEAVING Viceland after two season for a NICE NEW late-night talk show on Showtime.  The only bad side to this is that the show will go from a DAILY set-up to a WEEKLY time slot!  Here are the DETAILS! Continue reading #DesusandMero LEAVING #Viceland for SHOWTIME talk show! [details]

1st LOOK: #TylerPerry’s ‘Nobody’s Fool’ starring #WhoopiGoldberg #TiffanyHaddish & #OmariHardwick [vid]


Tyler Perry is STEPPING up the starpower for his latest movie!  Whoopi Goldberg, Tiffany Haddish, Omari Hardwick, Tika Sumpter and MORE!  Here is the gist of what the MOVIE is about:
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HOT SHOT of the DAY: #GreggLeakes and #CynthiaBailey are ALL SMILES! [pic]


This is enough to make ALL OF US smile, right?  We were all ROCKED to our core when NeNe Leakes announced that our FAVE house-husband Gregg Leakes was dealing with cancer.  The couple has been TRANSPARENT  in their journey with this diagnosis, and have been sharing aspects of their life as they deal.  SO IT WARMS US to see Gregg in good spirits and all smiles posing with Cynthia Bailey! Continue reading HOT SHOT of the DAY: #GreggLeakes and #CynthiaBailey are ALL SMILES! [pic]

WAKE UP JAM: #BustaRhymes ‘Pass The Courvoisier’ feat. #Pharrell & #Diddy [vid]

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Don’t this SHIT make my NIGGAS wanna JUMP JUMP… even 16 years SINCE its release! Busta, Diddy, Pharrell and a host of A-LIST CAMEOS…gets no better!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #BustaRhymes ‘Pass The Courvoisier’ feat. #Pharrell & #Diddy [vid]

WATCH: #ClawsTNT season 2 ep 2 ‘Cracker Casserole’ [full ep]


Desna, now pinned under the stiletto-tipped nail of Riva’s sister, Zlata, must come up with an idea to generate more customers for the clinic. Quiet Ann helps Dean and Virginia get to a very important appointment, which leads to an unexpected moment of joy but leaves Desna hot and bothered! WATCH ‘Claws’ season 2 episode 2 BELOW!
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WATCH: #RHOP season 3 ep 12 ‘Can’t Hide from these green eyes’ [updated link]

RHOP3-thegamuttOn episode 12, tension rises when Robyn puts Karen on blast by confronting her about her lies, and Ashley is forced to face the truth about why Michael is hesitant about having more children. Meanwhile Charrisse is left questioning her friendship with Monique and the stress of wedding planning becomes too much for Candiace, testing her relationship with Chris! WATCH ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ season 3 episode 12 BELOW!
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WATCH: #PoseFX season 1 ep 3 ‘Giving and Receiving’ [full ep]

Set in the 1980s, Pose is a dance musical that explores the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York: the ball culture world, the rise of the luxury Trump-era universe and the downtown social and literary scene.
The House of Evangelista celebrates the holidays and prepares for the Snow Ball in spite of Angel’s lack of holiday spirit; Elektra contemplates undergoing an affirming medical procedure.
Watch ‘Pose’ season 1 episode 3  BELOW!

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STREAM: #TheCarters #EverythingIsLove album [audio]



Beyonce and JAY Z just dropped their SURPRISE JOINT album ‘Everything Is Love’.  There are 9 tracks on te album, and you can LISTEN to the UBER-popular couple go back and FORTH over LUSH production!  Take a LISTEN! Continue reading STREAM: #TheCarters #EverythingIsLove album

SYMBOLISM behind the ART piece ‘Negress’ in #TheCarter’s #ApeShit video! [details]


Do you remember the PORTRAIT that we saw in The Carter’s ‘Apeshit’ video.  It is one of the very last images we see before the ‘Mona Lisa’ frame. Well there is some SYMBOLISM behind that piece of ART! It is called “Portrait of a Black Woman (Negress)” by Marie-Guillemine Benoist. It’s one of the only pre-20th century portraits of a black person in the Louvre that’s not explicitly a portrait of a slave. Continue reading SYMBOLISM behind the ART piece ‘Negress’ in #TheCarter’s #ApeShit video! [details]

NEW VIDEO: @RealLesIsMore ‘Doing The Most’ [vid]


Singer/songwriter and friend to the MAG LesIsMore is back with another FIRE video from his ‘More Or Les’ project—AVAILABLE on iTunes right now!  This time we get the VISUAL for ‘Doing The Most’ shot and CHOPPED by TwentyTwoTime.

Check out the video below and see if you can pick up the sample the song interpolates…HINT.. it’s from a HUGE boy band that have hits spanning 5 decades that gave us none other than The King of Pop! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: @RealLesIsMore ‘Doing The Most’ [vid]