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#InternationalWomensDay: #Total ‘No One’ feat. #FoxyBrown #LilKim + #DaBrat [vid]


Remember back when the LADIES in HIP HOP were united?  Well in celebration of ‘International Women’s Day’, let’s GO ALL THE WAY back when Total, Foxy Brown, Lil’ Kim and Da Brat all UNITED on one TRACK–it’s the ‘No One’ REMIX!!!
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WATCH: #BlackInkCrew season 6 ep 12 ‘Book of Genesis’ [full ep]

O’S**t rushes to Atlanta for the birth of his fourth child; Sky freaks out when Ceaser contacts her son, Genesis; Bae wants a shotgun wedding, but Rob has other plans; Ceaser has an emotional meeting with Sky’s son.WATCH ‘Black Ink Crew’ season 6 episode 12 BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #BlackInkCrew season 6 ep 12 ‘Book of Genesis’ [full ep]

VIBES from the VAULT: #TLC ‘Creep’ [Original unreleased video]


WE ALL know about TLC’s ‘Iconic’ video for their MONSTER HIT, ‘Creep’.  But what some may not know is that the groundbreaking, stylized video with the ladies in the SILK PJ’s was actually not the ORIGINAL video.  Lionel C. Martin directed a video that was more in line with the lyrics of the song, but the LABEL opted for something more SLEEK and STYLIZED.  Check out the ORIGINAL, ‘Creep’ video after the JUMP!!
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#InternationalWomensDay- #JanetJackson ‘New Agenda’ [live]


1917 Against the backdrop of the war, women in Russia again chose to protest and strike for “Bread and Peace” on the last Sunday in February (which fell on 8 March on the Gregorian calendar). … 1975 During International Women’s Year, the United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March.
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“What is called genius is the abundance of life and health.”

– Henry David Thoreau

WATCH: #IfLovingYouIsWrong season 4 ep 17 ‘In God’s Hands’ [full ep]

ifloving-4 (1)

Lushion confronts Eddie about Larry’s whereabouts; Randal confronts Dr. Raston with a criminal accusation WATCH ‘If Loving You Is Wrong’ season 4 episode 17 ‘In God’s Hands’ BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #IfLovingYouIsWrong season 4 ep 17 ‘In God’s Hands’ [full ep]

#BFV season 6 is about to BREAK THE INTERNET! Watch the EXPLOSIVE trailer HERE! [vid]


We have REALLY missed the Braxtons and BOY oh BOY have they been BUSY….The sisters speak out on Tamar’s SHOCKING decision to file for divorce from Vince! Toni’s big announcement has the sisters vying for a ‘seat at the table’! Nuptials are in the AIR, but will they even make it down the AISLE? The WILD CARD, Traci has some shocking news of her OWN and it involves a BABY! All the while, Towanda takes legal action against her EX—things get down and dirty when JEALOUSY rears it’s ugly head and Trina’s love life heats up. ONE of the sisters reveals a SHOCKING BETRAYAL which causes the SISTERS to have to CHOSE SIDES…again! Miss Evelyn dishes to the press with secrets being revealed that will ROCK THE WHOLE FAMILY! CHECK out the SEASON 6 SUPERTRAILER after the JUMP!

“Braxton Family Values’ RETURNS March 22 on WEtv!!

#RHOP season 3’s TRAILER is LIT! One new WIFE, one WIFE DEMOTED! [details]


Have you been missing the ladies of ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’? Well the WAIT is finally ALMOST OVER, season 3 is ON THE WAY and the DRAMA is even more HEATED than ever! There is a NEW WIFE in Potomac and one ‘WIFE’ has been DEMOTED and relegated to ‘FRIEND’ of the CAST! Get the DETAILS and watch the THRILLING TRAILER after the JUMP!

Original ‘wives’ Gizelle Bryant, Karen Huger, Ashley Darby, and Robyn Dixon along with season 2 addition Monique Samuels all are back but there is a NEW LADY in WAITING and she is a FORMER BEAUTY QUEEN! ENTERS, Candiace Dillard — a 31-year-old former Miss United States with some TIES to the Obama administration! This could be INTERESTING right? Original wife Charrisse Jackson-Jordan has been ‘demoted’ to FRIEND of the wives and does not APPEAR on the OFFICIAL photo with all the LADIES. I am sure the reason will unfold as the season progresses. We not too BROKEN UP about her being out in the background… but that’s another topic for another day…

Back to this NEW ‘WIFE’, Dillard worked in the White House under President Obama before entering the pageant world and now owns her own consulting agency for beauty queens (as well as her own hair collection, among other ventures). But there are cracks the newly-engaged Housewife can explore.

For one, many of the ladies seem to be coming for Karen after The Washington Post broke the story that her husband Ray Huger allegedly owes millions in back taxes.

“We know you’re hiding everything Karen,” Bryant says at one point, after questioning whether Karen and Ray actually live in the big new house in Great Falls they quickly moved into at the end of season 2.

Don’t think the Grande Dame has come undone just yet. Karen’s response? “Read my f—— lips: Karen is debt-free and loaded.”

Karen’s relationship with Ray also comes into question when she confirms Ray had asked for a divorce at some point in their time together. “Do you and Ray have an arrangement?” Ashley then asks, implying the Hugers are in an open marriage

Of course, Ashley has her own relationship worries to address after separating from husband Michael Darby.

While the two try to work things out, her need to be financially responsible for her mother drives Michael to give her an ultimatum she can’t bear. “I can’t continuously be put in this situation,” Michael tells Ashley. “You’ve got to cut her off.”

As they address that, Robyn and ex-husband Juan Dixon appear to have reached a happy place in their relationship — even kissing at one point in the trailer. Their finances are finally back on track too, and they moved into a bigger home.

But not everyone is sending positive energy their way — mainly Ashley, who drives a riff in the group when she questions their relationship.Elsewhere this season, Gizelle has found love with a new man named Sherman — though balancing their relationship with motherhood and her cosmetics line may prove to be too much. And Monique and her husband Chris Samuels finally move into their Potomac home and explore expanding their family more.

That could be hard to balance, as Monique has some battles in the group she needs to handle. “Y’all ain’t no friends of mine that sit there and say you’re concerned,” she screams at one point. “But I’m throwing shade, and I’m throwing hate, and I’m throwing lies? That’s what y’all do!”

The trailer ends with her in a heated fight with one Housewife, screaming, “Back up out of my face before I choke you out with this umbrella.” CHECK OUT THE HEATED TRAILER…

The Real Housewives of Potomac RETURNS April 1 (10 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

WATCH: #HAHN season 5 ep 9 ‘An Eye for an Eye’ [full ep]

David fights to save his son Jeffery; Charles yearns to see Candace. WATCH ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ season 5 episode 9 BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #HAHN season 5 ep 9 ‘An Eye for an Eye’ [full ep]

WATCH: #TheQuadBET season 2 ep 6 #March [full ep]



Tensions rise when an anti-merger protest deteriorates into a violent clash between an alt-right group and the GAMU students; Eva is excited to meet Atlanta State’s president, whose career she has always admired. WATCH ‘The Quad’ season 2 episode 6 BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #TheQuadBET season 2 ep 6 #March [full ep]

WATCH: #BlackLightning season 1 ep 7 ‘Equinox: The Book of Fate’ [full ep]


Black Lightning’s pursuit for Tobias continues. Anissa continues to find herself in the new normal.WATCH ‘Black Lightning’ season 1 episode 7 BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #BlackLightning season 1 ep 7 ‘Equinox: The Book of Fate’ [full ep]

WAKE UP JAM: #Three6Mafia ‘Stay Fly’ [vid]

maxresdefault (1)


This SONG just POPPED into my head yesterday so I was like—this will be the WAKE UP JAM of the DAY…. Let’s go to TENNESSEE….with Three 6 Mafia–ACADEMY AWARD winners I might remind you….  They ‘Stay Fly’!!!  Young Buck, 8Ball & MJG helped out as well for this ONE!!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #Three6Mafia ‘Stay Fly’ [vid]