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#BigFreedia’s brother MURDERED in #NewOrleans! [details]


Very sad news for artist, Big Freedia.  The Bounce star recently revealed that her younger brother was GUNNED DOWN in New Orleans!  Freedia cancels ALL SHOWS and appearances this weekend in the wake of his death.

Photo by Brett Duke, | The Times-Picayune

Continue reading #BigFreedia’s brother MURDERED in #NewOrleans! [details]


#TheGrammys: #KendrickLamar to be joined onstage by #U2 + #DaveChappelle!?


The 60th annual Grammy Awards is almost here and the STAR POWER of the BIG SHOW keeps getting BRIGHTER and BRIGHTER.  WORD FROM THE CURB is that Kendrick Lamar is opening the show with some pretty HUGE special guests! Continue reading #TheGrammys: #KendrickLamar to be joined onstage by #U2 + #DaveChappelle!?

#Married2Med season 5 REUNION seating chart REVEALED! Look who are in the 2 HOT SEATS! [pic]



Even though Bravo CONTINUES to put ‘Married To Medicine’ on the WORST night of the week–FRIDAYS–the DRAMA has been SO THICK this season that we can’t WAIT to see the REUNION, RIGHT!?  That’s when all the UP TO DATE drama is revealed!  Although the reunion isn’t until MARCH, we already have the seating ARRANGEMENT!  You know the two HOT SEATS are right next to the HOST with the MOST shady boots, Andy Cohen.  SO TAKE a GANDER at who got the two HOT SEATS this year!!! Continue reading #Married2Med season 5 REUNION seating chart REVEALED! Look who are in the 2 HOT SEATS! [pic]

SPLITSVILLE! #Married2Med Dr. Simone Whitmore DIVORCING Cecil after 21 years! [details]


We have been watching the MARITAL strife between ‘Married To Medicine’ stars Dr. Simone Whitmore and Cecil Whitmore for month now, and now we have come to this- SPLITSVILLE!  Simone is DIVORCING Cecil…and it’s been in the works for MONTHS now!! Continue reading SPLITSVILLE! #Married2Med Dr. Simone Whitmore DIVORCING Cecil after 21 years! [details]



We’ve all been MISSING ‘Empire’, right!? Well the WAIT is a BIT LONGER, but new episodes return in MARCH!  Get a SNEAK PEEK of what’s to come!? Continue reading WHERE IS LUCIOUS!? #Empire RETURNS in MARCH! [vid]

#JanetJackson + #MaryJBlige set to HEADLINE #EssenceFestival 2018 and MORE! [vid]


IT’S OFFICIAL!! The ICON Janet Jackson is set to HEADLINE Essence Festival 2018!!! Continue reading #JanetJackson + #MaryJBlige set to HEADLINE #EssenceFestival 2018 and MORE! [vid]

WAKE UP JAM: #MaryJBlige ‘Reminisce’ #MTV Uptown Unplugged [vid]



It’s always a GREAT DAY to pay HOMAGE to the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige!  Remember MTV Unplugged? It was an acoustic live show on MTV that gave a DIFFERENT spin on an artist’s album.  WAY BACK WHEN, Uptown Records under the helm of Andre Harrell was the 1st BLACK label to ever have their own SHOWCASE, and of course Mary J. Blige was on the roster and TORE THE HOUSE DOWN!  Let’s go back to her UPBEAT version of ‘Reminisce’! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #MaryJBlige ‘Reminisce’ #MTV Uptown Unplugged [vid]

STAR TRACKS: 1st time #KylieJenner spotted with her BABY BUMP! [pic]


It was only a MATTER OF TIME before TMZ caught her SLIPPING!  After hinding for months, we have the 1st spotting of Kylie Jenner out and about and we can see her BABY BUMP!! Continue reading STAR TRACKS: 1st time #KylieJenner spotted with her BABY BUMP! [pic]

WATCH: #BlackInkCrew season 6 ep 8 ‘Lingerie Soiree’ [full ep]


bic-massiveThings get physical when the new manager-in-training criticizes Donna; the crew tries to get Melody to come back to the shop; Sky gets emotional over her tense relationship with her son. WATCH ‘Black Ink Crew’ season 6 episode 8 BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #BlackInkCrew season 6 ep 8 ‘Lingerie Soiree’ [full ep]

Moods & Moments: #KendrickLamar ‘LOVE’ [vid]


Do you even
Just to get even
Do you want?
Want what I want?
Only for the now
Do you know what
I need

Do you you even love me
I need to love me like
I want to be loved
Am I in the way
The space is occupied
I went to the window
An asked do I qualify
I want to be with you
Just not all the time

The air is cold
The vibe is cold
You tried to talk
But all I do is scold
Falling all over
Falling in and out of

Hot and heavy
But after the 3rd
It’s tense again
Then the 5th it’s
Completely off.
Leave my sight
Then panic
It’s a fight or a flight
The games we play
With no regard
The directions made up as we go
Past go.
Get no
Get none
No love

You know me
The worst me
And sometimes the best
The secrets you keep
I know some too
I be looking for you
You looking for me
But trust not
Want not
No love.
Just lost in the sauce
The glaze of it all
The gaze before the fall
Then you threw it all away
Tore the hem before the fray.
Ran it away
Sexed it away
Blew it away
Tucked it away in the big book on the farthest shelf
Where the dust falls…
I just ran away.
Ran away from
—–Zam Zhinga

Just something that came organically from my mind while listening to ‘LOVE’ by K-Dot, so I ran with it and THAT was the outcome…  Let’s MELT INTO THE NIGHT with the MOODS & Moment jam of the day…. Continue reading Moods & Moments: #KendrickLamar ‘LOVE’ [vid]