#Beyonce REMOVES #Kelis sample from #Renaissance track! [details]

For the PAST few days ‘Milkshake’ singer Kelis has been going on RANTS about her uber-popular song being SAMPLED on Beyonce’s ‘Energy’ track without her knowledge or ‘permission’. Truth of the matter, Kelis does not own the PUBLISHING to the song–Pharrell Williams does, and Pharrell was a producer of the track. So, in ESSENCE, Beyonce did not have to CLEAR the sample with Kelis per se, but Kelis felt it was COMMON COURTESY to ‘call her’ and let her know in the name of ‘FEMALE EMPOWERMENT’.

Kelis has been going to any and every platform that will have her to SLAM Beyonce and Pharrell and others about UNSCRUPULOUS business practices and went as far as to say Beyonce has ‘stolen’ from her before and that she [Beyonce] was ‘soul-less’ for sampling her music without ‘clearing it’ with her.

Well Beyonce has caught wind of all the bad ‘Energy’ coming from the ‘Caught Out There’ singer and has REMOVED the sample from the song and REMOVED Kelis from the credits! JUST LIKE THAT!

So now that the ‘LaLa La La La’s’ have been removed from the song, my question to Kelis is, WAS IT WORTH IT??
All that RANTING AND RAVING and at the end of the day, Kelis is still in the same PREDICAMENT she was before the release–Pharrell STILL owns her first two albums. On the other hand, Beyonce’s album will go on to be critically acclaimed, win numerous awards and accolades and Kelis could have been a part of that as a contributor but now, she is back in in her cucumber garden still mad that the INDUSTRY. ARE WE HAPPY NOW? Yes before you start, it was the PRINCIPLE of the whole situation, right? Well, this has been the MOST we’ve talked about Kelis’ music in QUITE SOME TIME, she should have just RODE THE WAVE like the other artists featured on the album who have shown GRATITUDE that their works RESOUNDED so much with Beyonce that she wanted to use it. BUT ALAS, Kelis stood on her PRINCIPLES and is out of all of what would come with being a part of a STELLAR project. AND I AM SURE she still has not gotten that COURTESY CALL from Bey and her people! But she has her PRINCIPLES at the end of the day, right. And that is more valuable than GOLD AND PLATINUM… records.


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