On This Day… #MissyElliott’s DEBUT album #SupaDupaFly turns 25!!! [vid]


EVERYBODY (old enough) remembers where they were when Missy Elliott CHANGED THE GAME with her GROUNDBREAKING debut album, ‘Supa Dupa Fly’! Can you believe the MASTERPIECE is 25 years old and STILL sounds NEXT LEVEL!?

Missy and Timbaland were and ARE AHEAD of the CURVE! We celebrate Missy and all the GEMS from the ALBUM she gifted us! We salute you QUEEN for real! This album changed LIVES!

July has been a HUGE month for Missy celebrated her 51st birthday on July 1st and also had the honor of becoming the ONLY female rapper with 6 CONSECUTIVE platinum albums!

Thank you Missy for sharing your gifts with US! We are ETERNALLY grateful!

WHAT is YOUR FAVE cute from ‘Supa Dupa Fly’!?


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