WATCH: #CollegeHill Celebrity Edition ep 2 ‘If You’re Green, You’re Clean’ [full]


The Series will explore college life through a celebrity lens while showcasing the unique cultural and academic experience of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Despite their respective fame and notoriety, each cast member is committed to focusing on their higher education as a personal challenge to prove it’s never too late. Enrolled alongside current Texas Southern University students, the cast will work towards completing a specialty certificate program to cross the graduation stage. Though to triumph, like any ordinary college student, they must complete their course work along with required internships, extra credit opportunities, group projects, and more. Who will take the lead on group projects? Who will pull an all-nighter?

A medical emergency sets the house on edge; the roommates prepare for their business marketing finals; bad news from home has a ripple effect. WATCH ‘College Hill: Celebrity Edition’ episode 2 BELOW!

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