#DaveChappelle ATTACKED onstage at Hollywood Bowl! [video]

Dave Chappelle was ATTACKED while finishing up his set onstage at the Hollywood Bowl!

The suspect who attacked comedian Dave Chappelle on stage at the Hollywood Bowl had a knife shaped like a gun when he was arrested, police sources tell ABC News.

Isaiah Lee, 23, was taken into custody Tuesday night after allegedly tackling Chappelle during his performance. Exclusive footage from AIR7 HD captured the attacker on a gurney as he was being loaded into an ambulance to be taken to a hospital.

It appears Chappelle was not injured in the attack.

Lee is now facing an assault with a deadly weapon charge and is being held on $30,000 bail, according to LAPD booking records.

Shortly after the incident, witnesses at the show took to social media, saying that the man rushed the stage and tackled Chappelle.

According to ABC News, Chappelle and the man tussled on the stage floor before the man ran away behind a screen on stage. Security staff surrounded and tackled the man in the rear corner of the stage.

Chappelle appeared to run toward the altercation, saying the man was being “stomped.” Chappelle asked repeatedly for security to remove the man from stage.

Video posted to social media showed him continuing with the show. The 48-year-old comedian was performing as part of the Netflix Is A Joke Fest.
Comedian Chris Rock, who performed earlier in the night, came on stage with Chappelle moments after the attack and joked: “Was that Will Smith?”


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