On This Day… 20 years ago TODAY, #JanetJackson RELEASED ‘All For You’! [vids]

On this day, April 24th 2001, Janet Jackson released her 7th studio album, ‘All For You’.

The album’s development and theme were rooted in Jackson’s separation from husband René Elizondo Jr. as she was getting to know what dating is like for the first time. Unlike The Velvet Rope, which saw Jackson tackling darker issues such as domestic violence and depression, All for You showcased a mix of upbeat dance-pop and slow R&B sounds, incorporating rockdisco, and funk, as well as soft rock and East Asian music. Its lyrics focus on passion, romance, and intercourse, also discussing themes of betrayal and deceit. The explicit language and sexual content of several songs sparked controversy, causing the album to be banned in several countries.

All for You received generally positive reviews from music critics, who commended its upbeat nature and the sonic innovation of several songs. It was also considered one of her sexiest albums and among the best of her career. The album received three Grammy Award nominations, including Best Pop Vocal Album, winning Best Dance Recording for its title track. It became Jackson’s fifth consecutive album to top the Billboard 200 albums chart in the United States and had the biggest opening week sales of her career. Upon its release, it also had the second highest first-week sales for a female artist in Nielsen Soundscan history. It reached the top five of most countries internationally and was the biggest selling international pop album of the year in Japan. Certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), it has sold over three million copies in the US according to Nielsen Soundscan and an estimated five million copies internationally. All for You was the twelfth best-selling album of the year worldwide, and was one of the best-selling albums of the decade in the United States.


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