#RIPPrince–Remembering #Prince Rogers Nelson 6 years Later! [vids]

I has been 6 years since the your PURPLE MAJESTY left this Earth. Wednesday marks the fifth anniversary of the death of musical icon Prince, and the world has not felt the same since he left us.

Nowhere does that feel more true than in the city he both loved and helped to put on the map, Minneapolis.
Racial strife existed in the city long before the murder of George Floyd — a fellow Black man who also adored Minneapolis. But the trial of the police officer who caused his death, coupled with police recently killing another Minnesota Black man, Daunte Wright, have heightened racial tensions and attracted a global spotlight.
In many ways it feels like Prince foretold that these days would come.

“Does anybody hear us pray?/For Michael Brown or Freddie Gray?/Peace is more than the absence of a war,” Prince sang on his 2015 protest song “Baltimore,” which was written after Freddie Gray died of injuries following an arrest by Baltimore police. “Are we gonna see another bloody day?/We’re tired of cryin’ & people dyin’.”
“If there ain’t no justice, then there ain’t no peace,” Prince sang.

When we look 2
We Only want 2 see
U laughing in the PURPLE RAIN.

We wish

We wish
Must be something in the water they drink
Cause no
Can take THAT
Pain away

If they try and say u’re crazy
Everybody say electric chair
Electric chair

Even in the wake of their silence
People will still stop and stare.
Ignore them all
Play in the sunshine
Do we really even care.
Once upon a time in the land of Sinaplenty
There lived a king who didn’t deserve 2 be
Didn’t deserve to live in the pits of Pain
Even on the sunny days
Some nights there will be Rain.
Everybody’s looking 4 the ladder
Everybody wants salvation of the soul
The steps U take are no easy road
But the reward is great
4 those who want 2 go.
Don’t cry 4 he is coming
Don’t die without knowing the cross
Look to the cross and U
Will see HIM.

But never
Far from heart
Sometimes it snows in April
Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad
Sometimes I wish life was never ending,
And all good things, they say, never last.
We wish
We wish

—Started out writing a post about Prince and that’s where it took me.. so THERE. On this day, we are going to CELEBRATE the LIFE and LEGACY of the ICONIC, Prince Rogers Nelson….


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