Happy #420Day! Celebrating #420!! WE BACK OUTSIDE (for the most part) [vids]


It is 4-20-22!


Cannabis Day is marked every year on 20 April by smokers around the world especially in the United States as a reason to toke up with friends and massive crowds. Over the past decade, 18 US states along with the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use and some states like New Jersey have permitted medical marijuana pharmacies to start selling their products to all adults.

The day 4/20 is celebrated by the smokers and non-smokers as a holiday for the cannabis culture. Each year on this day, major road rallies are organized by the people of Colorado, California and other states where marijuana has been legalized already. Thousands of American people gather together to celebrate marijuana which is still illegal in the US.

It’s still DIFFERENT again this year with the PANDEMIC still dominating our everyday lives.
The term 420 — or 4/20, stated as “four twenty” — is said to have originated with a group of high school kids nicknamed the Waldos in Northern California in the 1970s.
As the legend goes, in 1971, San Rafael High School student Waldo Steve was given “a treasure map to a patch of weed.” His group of friends, known as the Waldos, met on campus at the statue of chemist Louis Pasteur. The meeting time? 4:20 p.m., of course.. “They met, got high and drove out to search for the patch,” reads the explanation on the Waldos’ website, which is dedicated to establishing the group as “the real creators of the term 420.”

“In the ensuing school days the Waldos would use the term ‘420 Louie’ to remind each other of their after school quest. They eventually dropped the ‘Louie’ part and just said ‘420’ to refer to cannabis,” the Waldos’ website reads. “It was picked up by others and spread from generation to generation, city to city, country to country, across decades, and throughout all media around the globe.” By now it’s become a common reference in marijuana culture to getting high.

While federal law in the United States still classifies cannabis as illegal, many states have legalized the substance for medicinal, recreational use, or both. Since the 1970s, some state legislatures have been going through various stages of decriminalizing cannabis possession and use. Alternatively, other states have strengthened their stance on the topic. California led the way in 1996 by making medical cannabis legal. Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2012. Other states have followed suit in varying degrees.

A 2018 Gallup Poll showed that 66% of Americans support legalizing marijuana. According to Gallup, they first asked the question back in 1969, and only 12% supported making the plant (or weed) legal. Today, proponents point to several reasons for making cannabis legal.

  • Cannabis will become the largest cash crop in the United States.
  • Legalizing it allows regulation.
  • Allows law enforcement to focus on violent crimes and eases pressure on public resources.
  • Cannabis is safer than alcohol.

Here are some CREATIVE virtual ways to celebrate 420-21 Day!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: 4/20.

On the 20th’ of April, weed celebrations will take place across the country, and with the recent legalization of cannabis in New York and Virginia, as well as three other states in November, cannabis enthusiasts have a lot to celebrate.

LIGHT IT UP!  Mask mandates are dropping, so people are outside again!!

Good news: We hear you.

Vaccinated or not, you don’t have to puff, puff, pass to adequately celebrate your favorite plant this year. We found nine festive ways to ring in 4/20 without endangering yourself or your canna-loving loved ones.

And the best part? They don’t (all) involve being on a Zoom call.

1. Eat a taco (or four)

Ok, so it’s nothing as exciting as celebrating 4/20 in the 4th month of 2020, but the day 4/20 falls on this year is still worth some hype: Taco Tuesday.

Accepted by most Americans as the day of the week when eating too many tacos is not only socially acceptable, but encouraged (especially if you make an aesthetic Instagram story out of it,) this is an ideal day of the week for a “high”-quality feast. Log off work, pop an edible and guiltlessly satisfy your munchies with a juicy, spicy, delicious treat.

2. Take a hike

A classic 4/20 activity, this is one that actually holds up in 2021. If you live within walking distance of a sparsely trafficked trail, a walk through nature can be a euphoric experience after consuming cannabis, and hiking is a comparatively safe activity to do with friends, provided you wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines.

After a year like 2020, who couldn’t use that?

3. Paint (or color)

Time to unleash your inner Bob Ross. Art is another activity that can be euphoric for the “high”-minded, particularly if you tend to become anxious after consuming THC.

Painting, coloring, and crafting are all focused, creative activities with clear steps to completion that can put your mind in a creative flow far away from the many stressors of this past year. Whether you find your creativity is liberated through cannabis or you prefer to stick to paint-by-numbers and coloring books, try letting your artistic side take over this 4/20 – you may just discover there’s some creative genius in your “happy trees.”

4. Try a cannabis-infused recipe

If you’re going for a light buzz this 4/20 (it is on a workday, after all) or just want an on-theme treat to pair with your celebration, you might try doing a little baking before you get baked.

A quick Google search of cannabis and CBD recipes will yield dozens of cannabis-infused goodies that are easy to make from the safety of your home, from cannabis cocktails to CBD peanut butter cookies. These recipes use tinctures and cannabutter to add a little weed to nearly any dish. You can even bring friends into the fun by hosting your own canna-cooking class over Zoom.

While they usually won’t get you high (check the recipe to be sure you know what to expect,) many of these recipes claim infused cannabis makes the final product reduce inflammation and stress.

5. Play virtual games

Thanks to Zoom, just because you can’t pass a joint around doesn’t mean you can’t be with friends 4/20. However, we know that Zoom fatigue is real. Rather than forcing conversation with floating heads on a dark screen, try introducing an activity into your smoke sesh.

Many games have app versions that allow you to play with friends virtually, including Scrabble, Uno, and Yahtzee. You can also invite friends to play video games with you, which can be trippy in all the right ways when you’re stoned.

6. Binge stoner flicks

Tried and true, stoner flicks (i.e., movies about weed) are a great way to push away the stress of the world, especially if you’re celebrating from the couch this 4/20.

Check out our list of best canna-comedies for every kind of cannabis-enthusiast – from classics like “Pineapple Express” to “Saving Grace,” the stoner-flick even Grandma could love. Or, you could browse through TheWeedTube – the YouTube for… well, you get the idea.

7. Research 4/20 discounts in your area

Whether you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal or where only CBD products are sold, many recreational cannabis and CBD sellers will have major 4/20 discounts. Start your day by taking advantage of these sales and you’ve got yourself a gift that will certainly keep on giving.

8. Treat yourself to a green spa

Finally, it’s high time you treated yourself to some serious R&R. Another 4/20 spent in the midst of a global pandemic means you have more than enough excuses to put your feet up for a night. Fortunately, helping you relax is one of the things cannabis does best.

From CBD bath bombs to cannabis face masks, there are dozens of cannabis and CBD spa products on the market that promise to rejuvenate your body and help your mind unwind. Just be sure to purchase from reputable companies and check ingredients before using.

In Chicago’s West Town neighborhood, Tim Tuten, a co-owner of the Hideout music venue, doesn’t smoke marijuana — but he’ll be celebrating nonetheless.

“I don’t celebrate 420 as, ‘Yay, we get to get high,’” Tuten said. “I look at it more like a civil rights day. Marijuana and drug laws have always been enforced unequally. People with money always got away with smoking it, while kids in the city were criminalized. Legalization helps us get closer to equality.”

While the Hideout remains closed to the public, it will have a small, low-key gathering on its patio Tuesday, meant for customers of the neighboring nuEra Cannabis dispensary. The event will feature vendors selling records, T-shirts and houseplants, but will not feature music and will prohibit any consumption of cannabis, which remains illegal in public.

NuEra Cannabis, with five stores in Illinois, will help sponsor the event. Like other marijuana dispensaries in the state, it will be offering specials and giving away swag that day. One raffle will offer a Puffco Peak vaporizer for concentrates.

Jonah Rapino, nuEra’s marketing director, called it a “medium” celebration, hopefully on the way to full-scale parties next year.

Rapino said that cannabis use increased throughout the past year with no significant problems. “I think it’s wonderful that cannabis is becoming normalized,” he said.

Critics still rue legalization, and dread the normalization of marijuana. While the local group Opt Out Naperville disbanded after the suburb voted for legalization last year, national groups like Smart Approaches to Marijuana and Parents Opposed to Pot remain critical of 420 as a celebration of a drug that, for some, leads to addiction and traffic accidents.

HAPPY 420!!! SEEYA NEXT YEAR!!! LET’S hope that we can actually be OUT and FREE from this PANDEMIC!



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