MAG TAG: #CardiB & #Offset cover #Essence with their ENTIRE family with 1st pics of son #Wave! [pics]

Cardi B and Offset cover the latest edition of Essence magazine and they are joined by their entire family, including the first baby pics of Cardi’s and Offset’s son, Wave!

Cardi B, 29, and Offset, 30, are joined by their 3-year-old daughter Kulture and 7-month-old son Wave. Offset is also a father to three older children from previous relationships: daughter Kalea, 7, and sons Jordan, 12, and Kody, also 7. It was Cardi who asked on a Zoom call whether she could talk to our editorial and creative team, woman to woman, about the possibility of including her stepchildren in our photo shoot. While she doesn’t want to disturb the relationships she has with the other mothers of Offset’s children, more than anything, she doesn’t want any of his kids to feel left out.

“After we got married, that’s when I first met his kids,” Cardi says during our sit-down interview. “I always wanted them to love me, and they really do. They tell me that. I feel it, and

I hope that we always have a great relationship.”

Cardi and Offset knew about the realities of blending families long before they had to navigate those waters themselves. “I have two brothers, and we have three different dads,” Offset says. “I never heard of a half-brother—those are my brothers.”

While Cardi and her sister Hennessy have the same mother and father, she has an additional six siblings from her father’s previous relationship. That family dynamic shaped Cardi’s desire for all of Offset’s kids to forge a close bond. The graciousness of that attitude isn’t lost on the father of five.

“It’s a blessing to be able to have them all together, and to have a wife who’s open and treats them as if they’re her kids,” he says. “It could be an issue, but I don’t have to go through that, and that’s beautiful.”

What a beautiful family….

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