Bravo UNVEILS new MATCH-MAKING show #LoveMatchAtlanta! [vid]

The DATING POOL just got a little more EXCITING! Bravo is releasing a NEW matchmaking show, ‘Love Match Atlanta’ that is sure to keep the VIEWERS on EDGE all summer long!

Love Match Atlanta will premiere this May taking viewers into the fast-paced world of matchmaking in the major city.

In the docuseries, “each of the matchmakers, who are both friends and frenemies, use their distinct methodology, charm, and skill while competing for the hearts and dollars of Black Atlanta’s most eligible singles,” per the official description.

The show introduces viewers to a brand new cast of television personalities who happen to be professional matchmakers at the top of their game. The cast includes Ming Clark, Joseph Dixon, Kelli Fisher, Tana Gilmore, and Shae Primus.

If you didn’t know in Atlanta, the WOMEN outnumber the MEN in the dating pool, so the STRUGGLE is REAL in the A to find VIABLE suiters!

In the trailer, Clark says, “Matchmaking is a small world and we all know each other, so you’ve gotta keep your singles close and your competition closer.”

“These professionals balance the drama in their own lives as they hustle to match high-profile singles who are on the hunt for the ultimate relationship and willing to pay top dollar,” the synopsis continues. Take a LOOK at what’s to COME…

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