#ChrisRock BREAKS his SILENCE on the #WillSmith SLAP at his SOLD-OUT comedy show! [vid]

The SLAP seen & HEARD around the world has been the HOT TOPIC since Sunday’s Academy Awards!

Will Smith has APOLOGIZED to Chris Rock and MANY celebs ahve WEIGHED in taking sides.

The one person YET to speak on the situation is the person on the receiving end of the slap, Rock.

Rock has finally broken his silence after being slapped in the face by Will Smith at the 94th Oscars on Sunday (March 27.)

Rock started off the Boston date of his “Ego Death Tour” tonight (March 30) by stating “I’m still processing what happened.” Rock also asked the crowd “Sooo how was your weekend?”, via NBC10 Boston.

Since the SLAP, Rock’s tickets went into HIGH DEMAND, almost TRIPLING in price. So people that FLOCKED to his show thinking he was going to ELABORATE on the SLAP, were disappointed. He is still PROCESSING all that happened.


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