#JussieSmollett SENTENCED to 150 days in Cook County jail & probation! [details]

Jussijussie-jail-thegamutte Smollett has finally been sentenced!

At the conclusion of a three-year firestorm of allegations he faked a hate crime attack on himself, Jussie Smollett was sentenced to 30 months of probation on Thursday for his conviction in the hoax — and he must spend the first 150 days of the sentence in Cook County Jail.

After the sentence, Smollett stood up and stated over and over in court that he is not suicidal and he is innocent.

“If anything happens to me when I go in there I did not do it to myself,” he said.

“I am not suicidal!” he repeatedly yelled as he was led from court, raising a fist in the air.

While special prosecutor Dan Webb did not recommend a specific term behind bars, he said Smollett’s “serious criminal conduct” surrounding the case coupled with his decision to take the witness stand and lie to a Cook County jury meant that prison time was warranted.

“Mr. Smollett made the choice that he could deceive that jury, and he went on the stand and lied to them about so many different things,” Webb said in his argument. “…It was a ridiculous story.”

Webb also said that in the three years since the January 2019 attack, Smollett has never once apologized for the impact his crime had on the city or the victims of real hate crimes who have trouble getting police to believe them.

In addition to a prison term, Webb asked Judge James Linn to order Smollett to pay $130,000 to the city to cover the police overtime it took to investigate his false claim and serve a significant amount of time doing community service.

In an animated argument, Smollett attorney Nenye Uche argued for leniency, saying that Smollett has suffered enough from the intense negative publicity and damage to his reputation for the past three years. He was “shocked” that Webb asked for incarceration, he said.

The prosecution’s proposed sentence is “overkill, it’s all punitive,” Uche says. “And that is not justice, that’s retribution.”

Linn should adopt the $10,000 bond forfeiture from Smollett’s previous case as his sentence in this case as well, indicating that anything else would be double jeopardy: “You can’t punish a person twice.”

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