MAG TAG: #NiecyNash & wife #JessicaBetts cover #Essence! [pics]

Niecy Nash and her wife Jessica Betts are SMOKING HOT on the latest edition of Essence magazine! The pair are the 1st same-sex couple to grace the cover.

From the very beginning of their courtship, nothing between Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts has gone according to plan. Each woman had sworn off relationships forever, ever—and yet on August 29, 2020, they wed in an intimate backyard ceremony in Ventura County, California. Heading to the airport two days later, the newlyweds were excited about their honeymoon, during which they hoped to kick-start a mutual dream of “making love all around the world.” They wanted to share their good news with the world, too.  

“We always lead with our truth,” says Niecy (née Carol Denise Ensley; Nash is her first husband’s surname). “Wherever it lands, we know it’s as it should be, because there is no failure in the truth.” 

The Bettses—Niecy has taken Jessica’s last name though her professional last name remains Nash—guessed their recent union might be surprising. Twice before, Niecy, 52, was married to men, one of whom she had officially divorced eight months prior. No one except her family and closest friends knew she was now married to a guitar-playing singer 10 years her junior with a crisp line-up, a Colgate smile and major BDE (despite not being born with a “D”).

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