HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! #TheGamutt turns 11!!! [vid]


Guess who turned 10!???

It was January 11, 2011 when an IDEA turned into a way of life for me.  SPARKED by good friend Brillion-A-Million, I decided to start putting my thoughts and likes and IDEAS down in BLOG form.  I must admit I had NO CLUE if anybody would be interested let alone LOG on to read what I had to say.  11 years LATER and here we are– and HERE you are still logging on DAILY and for that I THANK YOU!!


I truly APPRECIATE all of the FANS, FOLLOWERS and EVEN the people that try to ‘STOP THE BAG’.. WE APPRECIATE you too…and as always paying TRIBUTE and HOMAGE to my friend and collaborator and writer that has gone home, James Cory Suber, BKA Lion-O. You will always be a part of what we do HERE..ALWAYS!

The week of 1-11-11, ‘The Game’ was starting a new season on BET, and BRUNO MARS had the #1 song in the country with ‘Grenade’ after fighting off Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ for the TOP SPOT!.  HERE were the top songs of the that week and my FIRST story was about Skittles….yes, the CANDY.  ALOT has CHANGED.  Usually I would reminisce about the past years, but today, I’m just THANKFUL we are still HERE.  THANKFUL that I still have FOLLOWERS and FANS that LOG ON DAILY to RUN THE GAMUT of topics and ideas with me.  We’ve had UPS & DOWNS but we are still HERE!

Before I get too SAPPY, I just want to THANK all of YOU.   This has probably been the most DIFFICULT year, thus far for here.  Law suits, Cease & Desist orders, and of course THE PANDEMIC, but through it all, we tried to KEEP you guys UPDATED on ALL THINGS POP CULTURE and BEYOND.   IF there were no YOU there would be no REASON to do what I do DAY IN AND DAY OUT.  This little BLOG of mine has been my therapy….. It keeps me above water and I hope you have gotten some ENJOYMENT from ME HER in some FASHION and CONTINUE to SUPPORT US…. WE THANK YOU AGAIN!


Even in the DARK HOURS, blocks, bans, cease and desist orders, LAW SUITS and when GOOGLE tried to silence us, you guys were right there and I THANK YOU!





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