#LAMH News: #MartellHolt’s side chick THREATENS to expose the other cast of CHEATING with RECEIPTS! [DETAILS]

Seems like there is some piping hot tea steeping in Huntsville, Alabama! Part 2 of the ‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ reunion just aired this weekend and the topic of Martell Holt’s side chick came up.

Marsau Scott & Maurice Scott spoke that they knew of Martell’s cheating and had even met the lady on a trip to Atlanta. The details seemed to sketchy and the Scott brothers’ memory seemed to get foggy at times… Which lead viewers to question if they too were out in those Atlanta streets cheating alongside Martell.

Well now Martell’s side chick has taken to social media with threats to reveal that they ALL were out there cheating and she appears to have some receipts! Check out what Arione has to say about that Guy’s Trip circa 2015!

Hmmm… Seems like these guys have some explaining to do…..


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