#LeBronJames FINED 15k for GRABBING his CROTCH! [vid]

Did LeBron James get a sudden visit from the SPIRIT of Michael Jackson, or was he ‘adjusting the junk’? Either way, King James has been FINED 15k for GRABBING his CROTCH!!

LeBron was in Indiana with the Lakers, and after making a pretty awesome shot, he grabbed his crotch. Now there’s a backstory here. Two Indiana fans had just been ejected for grabbing their crotch — presumably taunting LeBron and it apparently caught his eye. After making the next shot, LeBron returned the favor to the crowd by grabbing his crotch.

LeBron said after the game, “When obscene gestures and language come into it, can’t be tolerated. There’s a difference between cheering for your team and not wanting the other team to win, and things I would never say to a fan and they shouldn’t say to me.”

James’ own words came back on HIM….


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