Former #NFL RB #ZacStacy BRUTALLY attacks mother of his child in front of 5-month old son! [vid]


This video is very disturbing..
Former NFL running back, Zac Stacy is seen on VIDEO BRUTALLY attacking the mother of his 5 month old son in FRONT of said child!

The disturbing altercation happened at 30-year-old Stacy’s ex-girlfriend’s home in Florida on Saturday.

We’re told Stacy became furious and aggressive with his ex during an argument . Then the video shows the former 5th-round pick swinging at her head before yanking her off a couch, tossing her across the room and into a TV.

The victim called cops immediately after the altercation, but Stacy fled the scene before law enforcement was able to arrive.

We’re also told the woman filed for a restraining order Monday — for her and her son. In those docs, Stacy’s ex claims the football player came over to her house around 2 PM on Saturday … to see his son.

While there, she claims he flew into a jealous, violent rage.

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