Rumor Patrol: #AllenPayne is NOT dead! [Details]

Actor Allen Payne, famed actor known for starring in ‘Jason’s Lyric’ and sitcoms ‘House of Payne’, and ‘The Paynes’, seems to be the latest ‘casualty’ of the death hoax!

Rumors started circulating a few days ago citing the passing of the actor. But we are glad to report he is very much still alive and thriving.

The sick rumor appears to have started when a YouTube channel called Stars News posted a video on November 5, 2021, called R.I.P Its With Heavy Hearts We Report Sad Death Of ‘House of Payne’ Star Allen Payne Beloved One.

Since then it has picked up more than 235,000 views which led many people to wonder if the 53-year-old from New York had died.

Payne is very much still alive!

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