Singer #KellyPrice presumed MISSING after #Covid19 BATTLE! [vid]

Kelly Price MAYBE missing!

We have DUELING theories. Price a 9x Grammy nominated songtress was RECENTLY released from the hospital after a BOUT with COVID-19.

Her attorney says that she is fine, but her sister says otherwise…

Price’s rep, Monica Ewing, reports that the Grammy nominated singer-songwriter is not missing and is covering from the virus at an undisclosed location. The 48-year-old artist legal representative reportedly contacted Cobb County police to inform them that she is safe — this after the police department declared her a missing person following a welfare check conducted at her home last Saturday.

“We’re told the authorities found no evidence of foul play and spoke with Kelly’s boyfriend at the residence,”.

Sgt. Wayne Delk of Cobb County Police in Georgia confirmed that Price was the subject of a missing person’s report but said no details would be released, including who reported her missing.

So either Price does not want to be bothered with her family right now, or SOMEBODY is lying.

Kelly needs to do a VIDEO letting the FANS and FAMILY know she is ‘ok’. Until then, we are still worried about her and need to make sure she is OK….

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