Boo’d Up! #Adele & #RichPaul are (Instagram) OFFICIAL! [pics]

The rumors have been SWIRLING for MONTHS now that singer Adele and sports agent Rich Paul were an ITEM. Wellnow it appears that Adele has made it OFFICIAL.. at least INSTAGRAM OFFICIAL..and you KNOW that goes a LONG WAY.

Adele posted some NEW photos with Paul on IG with the UBIQUITUOUS ‘heart’ emoji, so you KNOW it’s REAL right!??

They’ve been rumored to have been together for MONTHS now, but now IG has SEALED the DEAL, right!

In case you DIDN’T know, Paul founded Klutch Sports Group who represents a number of prominent NBA players, such as LeBron James, as well as NFL players in more recent years.

Congrats to them! Adele has lost a lot of weight and snagged a NEW MAN, so you KNOW this next ALBUM is going to be FIRE!!!

C’mon sis, where is the MUSIC, we are WAITING for it!

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