#Uncensored: #KymWhitley says #MarlonWayans has a big D*ck! [Vid]

Legendary comedian and actress, Kym Whitley gets CANDID on an upcoming episode of #Uncensored.

She talks about her long career in comedy and film, her run-ins with MoNique and R.Kelly and her love affair with the late great Gerald LeVert. But one topic piqued alot of fans’ interest. Whitley REVEALS that actor, comedian Marlon Wayans is very WELL-ENDOWED!

While reflecting on her life, she told a funny story about working with  Wayans on The Wayans Show back in 1998. She said while on set, she looked at Wayans and saw there was a quite large print in his sweatpants. Since Wayans is known to be a jokester, she thought he might’ve put a “small bat” in his pants. She was shocked when she found out she was mistaken.

“I thought he’s trying to be funny because he’s a fool and I kept looking and I said [to myself], ‘This boy done put a little bat in his shorts, in his red sweatpants.’ I kept looking at it and I said, ‘Stop being silly boy you crazy!’,” she said.

She said she pointed it out to other folks on the set, who already knew Wayans was well endowed and found out the joke was on her.

“You see this? He is so silly. And nobody on set was laughing. They were saying over the speakers, like, ‘Oh she seen it,’” she said. “So I am like, that’s real? First of all you need to put a rope on that thing and tie it up, whatever that is. Then for the whole week I was distracted and they were like he has a reputation in Hollywood. He’s just blessed! It’s burned into my brain!”

Tune in Sunday on TVone at 10p.


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