#Ashanti talks about the #Nelly HUG at #Verzuz! [vid]

Verzuz between FAT JOE & JaRule went down this past Tuesday, there was alot of ACTION on the stage of course between the DUELING NYC rappers, but there was some other ACTION going on as well….

Ashanti was a special guest playing DOUBLE DUTY chiming in on HITS she sang with BOTH Ja & Joe. Joe ALSO invited Nelly for the ‘Get It Poppin’ set.

Ashanti & Nelly were the ‘IT’ couple for QUITE some time and it’s been a MINUTE since we have seen these two in thos close a proximity. So OF COURSE Nelly wasted no time making a BEE-LINE to his PAST LOVE!

Nelly made sure to get a HUG. Could there be SPARKS flying between the two again? The two SPLIT 7 years ago and have had other relationships, but Nelly is RECENTLY single, but is Ashanti?

After the SHOW, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Ashanti and Ja Rule were chopping it up and Ashanti dished some TEA on the ‘HUG SEEN AROUND THE WORLD’….

So Ashanti is in a ‘THING’ right now. Too bad, I always liked Nelly & Ashanti together and held out hope they would get back together one say…

But it sounds like there are some UNFINISHED business between the two…. You never know what can happen….


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