WATCH: #SweetLifeLosAngeles season 1 eps 1-3 [full]

Exploring themes of loyalty, legacy, and love, this coming-of-age series follows a group of long-time friends in South Los Angeles as they navigate the relatable, chaotic, mid-20s moments at the quarter-life mark and propel each other into adulthood success.

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Ep 1 ‘Sweet Life’

After revealing her plans for an upcoming “Black Is Back” event, Tylynn rallies Bri and Amanda to integrate Cheryl – who’s long been coupled up with Jerrold – into their girl gang. Meanwhile, Jerrold and Jordan’s squad, aka The Wood, hassles new member P’Jae about his crush on Bri. While the crew gets ready for a night to remember, can they disentangle the situationship drama looming over the single members of the group?

Sweet Life Los Angeles S01E01 WEB h264-RBB

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Ep 2: Good Vibes Only

Having cleared the air at Black Is Back, Jordan and Bri find themselves growing closer, while Becky and P’Jae’s status remains uncertain. As the crew heads to a luxe estate in Palm Springs to celebrate Amanda’s 25th birthday, will a bad omen and unexpected antics from party guests spoil the good vibes?

Sweet Life Los Angeles S01E02 WEB h264-RBB

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Ep 3:

You Got Me F**ked Up

When P’Jae’s showstopping entrance leaves the group divided, Ty and Amanda quickly find themselves fed up. Later, an opulent dinner party promises to reinstate the positive energy — until some uncomfortable confrontations interrupt the good vibes.

Sweet Life Los Angeles S01E03 WEB h264-RBB

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