Does #KanyeWest want the SMOKE with #Drake!? Brings #PushaT into the MIX! [details]

Are we GEARING up for another HUGE HIP HOP head to head battle!? Kanye West has PUSHED ‘DONDA’ back many times so far. Drake’s new project was supposed to drop at the TOP of the YEAR and it has not.

So what are these two WAITING ON? Perhaps a HEAD TO HEAD showdown to see WHO indeed will come out on top.

One PIVOTAL thing in the EQUATION, however, Kanye West has Pusha T in his CORNER, and we all know Pusha has no LOVE lost for Drake.

Kanye JUST added Pusha T to his GROUPCHAT, so there COULD be a PUSHA/YEEZY collab on ‘DONDA’. And we KNOW Push never misses an OPPORTUNITY to be a THORN in Drake’s SIDE…. So what’s NEXT?

If there WERE a HEAD TO HEAD battle for SALES on the two releases, who do you think will come out on TOP!??

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