#SilkSonic DELAYS album to 2022! [details]

I can honestly say I saw this coming…

Silk Sonic comprised of Anderson.Paak and Bruno Mars HIT THE SCENE earlier this year with a SONIC UNION of talent to form Silk Sonic and the OUTCOME was nothing less than MAGIC.

The BLAZED up the charts to #1 with ‘Leave the Door Open’ and followed up with their latest ‘Skate’ that’s STEADILY climbing the CHARTS as well. But fans will have to WAIT for the FULL ALBUM to drop.

Initially the album was set to drop this FALL, but the duo have decided to PUSH THE ALBUM BACK to the top of 2022!

Silk Sonic have decided to PUSH the album back to give the project time to MARINATE… They told Rolling Stone, An Evening With Silk Sonic was originally slated for the fall, but the band pushed it to January 2022. Mars and .Paak decided they’d rather put out more songs, Mars explains, letting each one breathe a bit, before dropping the LP in full: “I don’t want to be binge-watched.”

“We’re really in touch-up mode now,” Mars says. “We’ve got the bones of most of the album, so it’s really about touching up parts that need a little more.…” He thinks for the right word: “Grease.” 

“Which could mean redoing the song from scratch!” .Paak says. Mars laughs and nods his head: “Being here for another three years!” he says. A decade into his career as a hitmaker, Mars has built a reputation for reworking and then re-re-re-reworking infinitesimal musical details that most listeners probably couldn’t detect (not consciously anyway). “But no,” he goes on. “We’re not there. We were there. We had some moments in the danger zone! I think we put the pressure on ourselves by putting out ‘Leave the Door Open’ — but a deadline is important, because at some point, you gotta say, ‘This is it.’ Otherwise you’re gonna work it till you hate it.” He mulls this. “But there’s a beauty in that — you do have to get sick of it, because that means you put the love and the time and the passion in it, and it’s taxing.” Of “Leave the Door Open,” he adds, “That bridge almost broke the band up. But it wasn’t right, and we all felt it.”  

Whenever the ALBUM drops, expect more HITS to come and this DUO is INDEED here to STAY… Read more about the DUO here!


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