#InsecureHBO’s #JayEllis TEASES the story arc for ‘Issa’ & ‘Lawrence’ for season 5. “It’s A Shocker…” [vid]

Fans of HBO’s uber-popular show ‘Insecure’ are eagerly anticipating the return of the final season, the upcoming season 5. At the end of season 4 we were thrown a CURVE BALL as star-crossed SOUL MATES, ‘Issa’ and ‘Lawrence’ were finally REUNITED only to find out shortly after that Lawrence’s ex-girlfriend and Issa’s once-upon-a-time business partner Condola was carrying his child!

This left us wondering, what’s NEXT for the 2, well, now with Condola and child, 4.

Jay Ellis spoke with Bevy Smith for her ‘Bevelations’ podcast to give us some INSIGHT on the new season and teased what’s next for Issa, Lawrence and Condola!

“It’s a journey,” said Ellis.

“You know, it’s a shocker because we just fell back in love, and we saw why, and we saw magic, and we saw that they’re soulmates. So you know, it’s a journey and we get to roll that out. That’s a real story that has happened to people that we know. So we get to roll that out and play with what that means. Like, is Issa gonna be a stepmom? Is she not down with it? Is Lawrence gonna be involved? Is he not gonna be involved? What does involvement look like?”

Ellis said that at the end of the last season, Issa said she would go with Lawrence to San Francisco, where Ellis is considering restarting his life.

“So it’s just one of those things where it’s like, where do you go from here?” he continued. “And how do you really put all those pieces back together after the mirror gets shattered?”

There is STILL no RELEASE date for the HOTLY-ANTICIPATED final season, but what we can GUARANTEE from the past seasons, this will INDEED be one of the most TALKED about seasons of them ALL!


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