#IStandWithAaliyah trends as Aaliyah’s estate updates fans on her music catalog! [details]


#IStandWithAaliyah is TRENDING as Aaliyah’s Estate makes a STATEMENT about the status of her music!  It appears some UNSCRUPULOUS activity is going on surrounding the release of her CATALOG to streaming services!

As you know, Aaliyah’s UNCLE, Barry Hankerson, the founder of Blackground Records has been the PURVEYOR of her music catalog for YEARS. It was TEASED many times that Aaliyah’s catalog was going to be released to streaming services. This year alone, fans were under the impression that Hankerson and Blackground had reached some sort of DEAL to FINALLY release the catalog as well as UNRELEASED music. But if you READ deeply into the words coming from the Estate (mainly Rashad Haughton, Aaliyah’s brother) it appears that there is another ROADBLOCK into the RELEASE of the CATALOG and that Hankerson was trying to pull a POWER MOVE to release the music for FINANCIAL GAIN without the consent of her family…



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