#IssaRae got a CUSTOM GRILL for her wedding from @ATLGrillz! [vid]


If we’ve learned anything from the MULTI-HYPHENATE producer, actress, writer Issa Rae, we’ve learned that she does not take the TRADITIONAL route to most of her endeavors. So it should be no surprise that the newly-married actress got a custom-made grill for her wedding day!

The diamond and gold grill was made by Grillz by Scotty in LA. Grillz by Scotty called in to Majic 107.5’s Ryan Cameron Uncensored radio show on Tuesday to explain Issa’s custom order. Stating, Rae walked into his West Coast location to order her custom piece. Rae requested platinum fangs with inset diamonds — and only the best quality diamonds would suffice. Scotty said he had no idea who she was until after she placed her order and left. To insure the order was created with no hiccups or problems, Scotty, made a backup piece and  also delivered them both personally to Rae in France!  Now that’s going above and beyond, right!?

Clearly Issa was PLEASED with her purchase because she gave a GLOWING review about the service!!

I’m SURE business will be BOOMING even more for GrillzByScotty after the A-1 service he provided for Issa’s BIG DAY!

He has LOCATIONS in L.A. and Atlanta so PULL-UP!!!


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