#Boosie calls #LilNasX a ‘disrespectful F*ggot! [vid]

Boosie is STEAMING MAD at Lil’ Nas X! X, the KING of TROLLING, TEASED that he and Jack Harlow would perform at the VMAS NAKED. And that his naked performance would be for CHARITY, and this set Boosie OFF! He went on IG LIVE with a RANT about the ‘Industry Baby’ rapper, claiming that LNX was ‘disrespectful’ and used the ‘F*GGOT word!

Twitter is DIVIDED about Boosie’s LATEST attack on homosexuality…..
Some CLAIM, Boosie has the RIGHT to say what he wants…. ignoring the POST from his PAST where he proclaimed he hired a SEX WORKER to give oral sex lessons to his 13 year old son and nephews….

Another day, another BOOSIE RANT about HOMOSEXUALITY…. lol


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