#FreeLilNasX: #LilNasX TEASES new music ‘Industry baby’ [vid]

HOT off the SUCCESS of his #1 smash, ‘Montero(Call Me By Your Name)’, Lil’ Nas X TEASES new music and has a VIDEO ready to roll-out as well.

In ‘Industry Baby’ we see LNX being ‘PROSECUTED’ for his ‘CRIMES’ against social media, and in the VIDEO TEASE, X, wears ‘MULTIPLE HATS’ in the upcoming visual… TAKE A LOOK!

It appears Nas X will ADDRESS the ‘SATAN NIKE’ drama in the upcoming visual, among some of his other ‘CRIMES’!

This is not the FIRST TIME X has teased this track, we even WROTE about this song about 9 months or so ago… [REVISIT that HERE]

Stay tuned….. LNX has more TRICKS up his sleeves…


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