#RHOA season 14 CAST BREAKDOWN! PEACH PITy party as PRODUCTION ‘STRUGGLES’ to find ‘WIVES’!? [details]


PRODUCTION has STARTED for season 14, but the RUMBLINGS around the scene is that BRAVO is ALLEGEDLY STRUGGLING to find ‘WIVES’ and some have been let go but there are few VIABLE PEACHES to fill those VACANT SPOTS! It’s a PEACH PITy party DOWN here in the A–ALLEGEDLY so if you have a RESUME to be CONSIDERED as a ‘WIFE’, it’s a GOOD TIME to SUBMIT, APPARENTLY… SO who’s STAYING and who got KICKED OUT the ORCHARD!? Let’s DISCUSS!

ACCORDING to sources, and most sources lead back to BSCOTT.com… Bravo WANT a total of 7 peach holders, but some of the FAN FAVES are in LIMBO.

Sources say, Porsha–although filming her SPIN-OFF special– is in QUESTION about returning. Williams allegedly is ‘seriously considering’ not returning for season 14. Although a FAVE by most Porsha allegedly doesn’t want to deal with the negativity surrounding her soon-to-be husband, Simon Guobadia. Her fear is that, producers and/or the other ladies will try to be MESSY and bring other women to the show that Simon has allegedly been involved with and she wants NO PARTS of that. She should’ve thought about that when she ‘stole’ started dating ex-cast mate Fallyn’s then HUBBY…. BUT MOVING ON.

Cynthia’s FUTURE is UNCERTAIN as of now… Her ARC has completed and her being still on the cast comes with a HEFTY price-tag… so hefty that the BUDGET would not allow for other ladies to be brought on. She MAY return, but at a SMALLER CAPACITY…. ALLEGEDLY.

Kenya Moore & Kandi Burruss are set to return ALLEGEDLY–I MEAN, what else are they going to do that warrants them the amount of exposure and DIVIDENDS for a mere 3 months or so of shooting. NOW WHAT WILL their STORYLINES be??? WHO KNOWS because they have been PHONING IT IN for quite a few seasons now and we could stand a BREAK from them… but who am I??? Just a part-time VIEWER/full-time BLOGGER….

Word is Sheree Whitfield may be BACK as a PEACH HOLDER…. What’s that adage…3rd times a CHARM? Her BEAU Tyrone is OUT of PRISON, so she may add someTHING to the canvas…. I mean…she knows the ROPES and her CHATEAU is a HUGE ‘backdrop’ to film in and social distance at the same damn time….

‘Sources’ say Marlo Hampton may have her best chance to snag a PEACH finally now that she has more to give then FASHION reviews, and nasty READS and shade sessions. She is RAISING her nephews and has opened up more about her life… so she is a SHOE in to stick around…

Drew Sidora is ALLEGEDLY OUT as a WIFE, but word from the curb is that she has been FILMING with Porsha for her spin-off. I HOPE this is not true because I like Drew and Ralph and their CONFLICTING BEACH stories. It would be GREAT to see where they are now in their RELATIONSHIP……
After all her ANTICS last season, they say LaToya Ali will NOT be returning… but who’s to say. Kenya may use her limited power to bring her back in some capacity… if it BENEFITS her.

There is NOT TALK of Phaedra Parks returning.. although that would STIR the pot with all her UNFINISHED BUSINESS with Kandi— BUT it does not appear to be HAPPENING this time.

AND NENE has left the building and had a BUILDING of her own with the BOOMING ‘LINNEATHIA LOUNGE’ that ALL of ATLANTA and BEYOND are flocking to… so don’t look for her back in the ORCHARD for 14.

WHEW.. what did I MISS…? That was A LOT to TYPE…
NOW AGAIN, this is from BSCOTT.. not CONFIRMATION from Bravo… so we may see something TOTALLY different come November or December when they return. I am WAITING from WORD from STRAIGHTFROMTHEA.com to drop her REPORT, because ATLien usually has all the EXCLUSIVE NEWS on RHOA– so when Michelle Brown says it… I’ll believe it… CAUSE SHE BE KNOWING! Until then… this PEACH PITy Party is all SPECULATION…


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