#Nivea Details Sexual Abuse, Addiction & Overcoming Depression In Emotional sit-down With #KandiBurress [vid]

This was a FIERY interview, let’s just start by saying that. Kandi Burruss sat down with R&B star, Nivea for another of her ‘On That Note’ interviews, and Nivea LAID HER SOUL bare to the line detailing years of abuse, depression and addiction she experienced in her early years as a budding R&B SINGER.

Nivea DETAILS life with her pedophile manager (he was in his 40’s having relations with her when she was 14-15), relationships with Lil’ Wayne and The-Dream, and how Wayne tried to get her to quit music with the promise he would take care of her, then he secretly married Toya, and how she RAN AWAY from reality tv for many years before deciding to join the cast of ‘BET Presents: The Encore’. No TOPIC was off limits in this EMOTIONAL expose! Take a LOOK!

We are so GLAD Nivea made it out and is here to SHARE her story. Her TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS are sure to help and inspire other women to keep going and to escape an abusive past…


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