#TristanThompson THREATENS #LamarOdom after comment on #KhloeKardashian THIRSTTRAP! [pic]

So it appears the boys are ‘fighting’? Tristan Thompson has some CHOICE words for Lamar Odom, after Odom LUSTS after his EX Khloe Kardashian in the COMMENTS!

So… here we are, Khloe posts a THIRST TRAP photo on SOCIAL media and her EX, Lamar REPLIES in the COMMENTS!

Odom, who Kardashian married in 2009 and officially divorced in 2016 after years of estrangement, also appreciated the pic, writing “Hottie” in the comments section.

That didn’t sit well with Thompson, who replied to Odom’s comment with, “God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, different results.” IS THAT A THREAT!??

Sounds like one to me. Not sure why Tristan CARES seeing that they ‘broke’ up a few weeks ago..AGAIN, and he doesn’t seem to VALUE her anyways by constantly CHEATING on her….

Fans were not too THRILLED by Tristain’s stance:

One follower replied to his comment with, “Why are you trying to defend something you weren’t trying to keep sacred when you had it?” Another added, “This man really has no ounce of shame…. Please stop embarrassing her.”

So what does Khloe have to say about the ‘dueling exes’? She didn’t reply DIRECTLY but she did post a quote on her INSTA-STORY….

“Remember, most of your stress comes from the way you respond, not the way your life is. Adjust your attitude. Change how you see things. Look for the good in all situations. Take the lesson and find new opportunities to grow. Let all the extra stress, worrying, and overthinking go.”

They’ll be BACK together by LABOR DAY….


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