#LAMH season 3 TRAILER is EXPLOSIVE! More ‘SIDE BABY’ rumors, fractured friendships and MORE! [vid]

When we last left the FRIEND GROUP of ‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’ the CRACKS in the FOUNDATION were beginning to threaten their LEVEL footing… SEE how I threw in that ‘housing’ analogy… i mean they BUILD HOUSES and things.. Season 3 is going to be EXPLOSIVE…. wait?

SEASON 3– it seems like this show has been on WAY LONGER, but anyways… FLIP the page to get into the DRAMA that’s coming July 17th on OWN!

ANYWAYS, the drama was thick and that aint about to change in the UPCOMING 4th season! Martell and Melody Holt are OFFICIALLY divorced (as of March 2021) but them CO-PARENTING with no DRAMA is not in the CARDS yet… BY THE WAY, Martell has a NEW son from his MULTI-YEAR mistress….

Meanwhile, for Latisha and Marsau Scott, their Blaque Cigar Lounge business is booming but apparently, there’s a rumor that like Martell, Marsau might have a child outside his marriage his DAMN self…

Elsewhere,  Kimmi and Maurice Scott are navigating parenting a teenager as Maurice’s son, Maurice Jr. (a.k.a. Monster) prepares to enter high school amid rumors that he was caught vaping in a bathroom. All the while the parents are worried about Monster, Kimmie’s son is struggling to find his footing as the general manager of Blaque Cigar Lounge.

There is a NEW couple introduced and Destiny Payton-Williams returns with and EXPLOSIVE dust-off with Melody! Check out the SUPERTRAILER below!


You ready for all of this!??


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