#LilBaby & #JamesHarden STOPPED by police in Paris! #LilBaby arrested for weed allegedly!! [vid]

It appears that NBA star James Harden & Lil’ Baby got into some TROUBLE with the LAW in Paris…

Harden and several other men were swarmed by cops during an apparent search on the popular Avenue Montaigne. In one video circulating on social media, the Brooklyn Nets superstar can be heard saying he doesn’t understand what’s going on as cops begin to search him.

Lil’ Baby was seated in the back of a police van and appeared to be handcuffed–local reports say he was among 3 people arrested for some sort of marijuana-related charge. The report said the vehicle the men were traveling in was pulled over and officers could smell marijuana. There were allegedly 20 grams of weed discovered.

We have no confirmation on if the two were detained further, but there is an active investigation in progress.

Harden and ‘The Bigger Picture’ rapper are in France for Paris Fashion Week.

Why does The Throne’s ‘Niggas in Paris’ come to mind??

Hopefully they get this resolved without much fanfare!


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