#BETAwards 21: #LilKim CALLS OUT #NickiMinaj to the #Verzuz stage! [vid]

Often called the ‘Queen Bee’, Kimmy Blanco, and so on and so on, Lil’ Kim is INDEED the ELITE icon of RAP! Some even say Kim, laid the BLUEPRINT for other female rappers after her to follow…namely Nicki Minaj, who has on more than 1 occasion MODELED her moves after Kim…

Kim and Nicki don’t run in the same circle, but the two are indeed HEAVYWEIGHTS of rap and many have thought that if the two ever UNITED–the MASH-UP would be EPIC… At last night’s BET Awards red carpet, Kim SHOCKED fans when she called OUT Nicki Minaj to MEET her in the VERZUZ arena for a ‘BATTLE’.

Watch Kim’ get CANDID with Dj Envy on her POTENTIAL Verzuz SPARRING ‘partner’… after the JUMP

I can’t remember the LAST time I even HEAR Kim UTTER Nicki’s name until LAST NIGHT… SO this HAS TO HAPPEN!

Swizz Beatz, Timbaland…. whatever you guys have to do—MAKE THIS COME TO FRUITION. It is LONG overdue that these two meet FACE to FACE and ‘BATTLE’ for the CULTURE! .

If this were to happen, this would be the BIGGEST Verzuz TURN-UP thus far……



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