#MegTheeStallion & #DaBaby are ‘beefin’-#Pardi DEFENDS his lady–#BlackTwitter responds! [details]


SO…this happened on Juneteenth Day— Da Baby is FEATURED on a new song with Meg Thee Stallion’s ex-boo, possible shooter, Tory Lanez. The VIDEO drops, much to Meg’s dismay, so she UNCEREMONIOUSLY UNFOLLOWS Da Baby.

Up until JUNETEENTH it appeared that Da Baby was UNFAZED by being UNFOLLOWED…. until it APPEARED that Da Baby retweeted a TWEET that was a ‘diss’ to Megan.

That’s when all HELL broke lose on Twitter.. It didn’t take L
ONG for the news to get back to Meg’s ‘Hotties’ as she calls her followers and they began to DRAG Da Baby online… Da Baby SHOT BACK..



Soon after, Meg ENTERED the CHAT to address all the SHENANIGANS of the day….although she did not @ Da Baby, it was pretty DIRECT to whom she was referring to…


Da Baby REPLIED, which made Megan get more SPECIFIC…


Da Baby continued to go back & FORTH with Meg, and his LANGUAGE may have not been the BEST, if he was trying to avoid a NON-BEEF…


AT THIS POINT, Meg’s BOYFRIEND, rapper and CARDI B GHOSTWRITER, Pardison Fontaine chimed in.. He CLEARLY had had enough if this man going back and forth with his WOMAN!


Da Baby SCOFFED off his aggression…



BLACK TWITTER CHIMED IN… and the RESULTS are side-splitting:


So as you can see, TWITTER took Pardi & Meg’s side as well as Da Baby’s side… but here is the thing…. Pardi SHOULD defend his woman… BUT… THAT ANGER should be DIRECTED at Tory. HE WAS the one that ALLEGEDLY shot Meg.
ALSO, IT WAS NO SURPRISE that Da Baby & Tory had collaborated. Meg knew this MONTHS AGO! So is she MAD that it happened or angry that Da Baby is CO-SIGNING their collab? If it UPSET her, when she FIRST heard of the COLLAB, she should have UNFOLLOWED him then.
Meg & Da Baby have collaborated on a NUMBER of songs, even recently dropping ‘Cry Baby’ and the video AFTER the whole Tory incident… so what are they REALLY mad about?

AND ALSO, Meg & Da Baby have WORKED together. If there was a PROBLEM or anything, why hash it out on SOCIAL MEDIA? The’ye have each other’s NUMBERS…make a PHONE call and SQUARE IT ALL OUT of it’s a PROBLEM. This whole BEEF seems JUVENILE..but still slightly entertaining. I guess we won’t be getting anymore FIRE collabs from Meg & Da Baby…?



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