THIRST TRAP: #PValley’s #TylerLepley is SERIOUS about KEEPING IN SHAPE & his Skincare! [vid]

One thingtyler-lepley-thegamutt we can see onscreen about P-Valley star, Tyler Lepley is that he is SERIOUS about staying FIT and LOOKING GOOD on camera. That’s why PHYSICAL FITNESS and a good skin-care regiment is KEY! He also speaks on critics questioning his SEXUALITY….


Tyler Lepley gained a legion of new fans when he debuted in the role of Diamond on Starz’s new hit drama series, P-Valley. However, earlier fans will recognize him from his role of Benjamin “Benny” Young in Tyler Perry’s long-running primetime drama series, The Haves and the Have Nots. Recently, Lepley spoke out about people questioning his sexuality as well as the sexuality of Perry.

“I remember when I first started out, I was seeing it [questions about his sexuality] here and there,”said Lepley (as reported by The Grio). “For whatever reason, people were associating it with my first show. I came out on a Tyler Perry show and for whatever reason he gets a rap like that and I know Tyler [Perry] personally and he’s not gay. I was seen around him and all of a sudden ‘he’s rubbing off on me’ and people felt like I was gay something like that.”

The actor also explained that the rumors happened again with P-Valley when he took photos with Nicholson, who plays closeted gay rapper Lil Murda.

He explained, “I had done something while I was on the set of P-Valley, maybe I was with Clifford [Nicco Annan] or I think I was taking a picture with Alphonse who plays Little Murda, and people started off with the gay thing again. I think if you have a space that people cant figure out, they can just create a judgement.”

P-Valley season 2 returns this Fall!

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