#HER reveals her STAR-STUDDED tracklist for debut album ‘Back Of My Mind'[vid]


Academy Award, NAACP Award, Grammy Award winning SONGSTRESS has been MAKING music and breaking records for some time now, that it is hard to believe that she has yet to release her DEBUT album!? That’s about to change. H.E.R. just released the TRACKLISTING for her debut, ‘Back Of My Mind’ that features a BEVY of HEAVY-HITTING collabs from already released songs and music we have yet to hear.

According to the Apple Music listing of the album, the LP boasts 21 songs and a range of guest artists on previously released and brand new songs alike. Bottom Of My Mind hosts previously released singles “We Made It,” “Damage,” “Come Through,” featuring Chris Brown, “Hold On,” and “Slide” featuring YG. Additional features include Ty Dolla $ign, Hit-Boy, Cordae, Lil Baby, Kaytranada, Thundercat, Yung Bleu, DJ Khaled, and Bryson Tiller. The 21-song album is slated to be released Friday, June 18.

“My responsibility as an artist is to say the things that sit in the back of people’s minds because they sit in mine,” she said in an April interview with NPR.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter has perfected her craft all her life and, in 2016, made her big breakthrough with the debut EP HER Vol. 1. In 2017, she issued on H.E.R. Vol 2. Later that year, she combined the songs from the EPs with six new tracks to create the self-titled compilation mixtape H.E.R. The project earned the singer a Grammy award for ‘Best R&B Album,’ and a handful of nominations including ‘Album Of The Year.’
H.E.R. has accomplished all of these amazing feats even snagging an OSCAR before dropping her debut. This has set a a standard in sound and style through her prior releases.
Her TRACKLIST for the debut has the WHO’S WHO in modern-day music! Check it out BELOW!

1. “We Made It”
2. “Back Of My Mind” Feat. Ty Dolla $ign
3. “Trauma” Feat. Cordae & Hit-Boy
4. “Damage”
5. “Find A Way” Feat. Lil Baby
6. “Bloody Waters” Feat. Kaytranada & Thundercat
7. “Closer To Me
8. “Come Through” Feat. Chris Brown
9. “My Own”
10. “Lucky”
11. “Cheat Code”
12. “Mean It”
13. “Paradise” Feat. Yung Bleu
14. “Process”
15. “Hold On”
16. “Don’t”
17. “Exhausted”
18. “Hard To Love”
19. “For Anyone”
20. “I Can Have It” Feat. DJ Khaled & Bryson Tiller
21. “Slide” feat. YG

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