#LamarOdom KO’s #AaronCarter in Celebrity Boxing event by the 2nd round! [vid]


After months of BACK & FORTH trash talking, the BOXING match between former NBA- all star and pop star Aaron Carter went down on Friday. And as expected, Odom BULLIED Carter to a KNOCK-OUT early on!

While both stars came out swinging, onlookers insisted that Lamar – who is 10 inches taller than Aaron – was clearly in control from the beginning.

Aaron went down halfway through the second round, TMZ reports, but there were no hard feelings as the pair shared a hug at the end.

“It’s not gon’ be a fight. It ain’t gon’ be a fight,” he had said.

When asked if he could knock Carter out in the first round, Lamar said, “Yeah. Probably, I would say the first minute.”

Meanwhile, celebrity boxing honcho Damon Feldman previously revealed that both stars were training hard for the event and were taking the fight “very seriously.”

This was almost COMEDY in motion…

CLEARLY Aaron was OUTMATCHED out the gate, but he gave it an honest TRY!



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