NEW VIDEO: #MeganTheeStallion ‘Thot Sh*t’ [vid]


Meg Thee Stallion is BACK on her ‘Thot Shit’ with her latest visual! The Houston Hottie raps, “Hands on me knees, shaking ass on my thot shit,” she raps over the booming bassline.

According to Meg, the track started out as a freestyle. “I’m really just talking shit and taking ownership of the words ‘thot’ and ‘hoe’ bc they’re not the drag the men think it is when trying to come at women for doing them,” she explained. In the shocking video, directed by Aube Pierre, the queen of the Hotties makes a bold statement while chasing down an uptight politician who is terrified of women owning their sexuality. Wherever he goes—from the bathtub to the operating table—the Hotties are there and show out with their “Thot Shit” antics. In the end, they leave him with a look he’ll never be able to get off his face. TAKE A LOOK!

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