WATCH #HAHN season 8 ep 9 ‘A Game Of Chess'[full ep]


In the wake of the most traumatizing cookout in history, Jeffrey declared that he couldn’t see Madison anymore, lest Mommie Dearest come after him, too. Madison wasn’t scared, though, and encouraged his boyfriend to fight back. They were still circling this potentially life-or-death dilemma when they returned to Madison’s place and were interrupted by Colby, who couldn’t help but remark that Jeffrey smelled like nasty barbecue. While Jeffrey excused himself to wash off the scent of flambéed stalker, Colby filled in Madison on the highlight of his day: going all Marine on a john who’d tried to stiff him. Upon learning that said john had killed himself that very evening, Colby, the model of compassion, called out to Jeffrey, “I’m sorry that bitch burned herself up — extra crispy.” (Ya know, if it weren’t for Veronica’s raging homophobia, I could see Colby getting along swimmingly with the she-devil.)……… WATCH ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ season 8 episode 9 BELOW!


episode 9


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The Haves and the Have Nots S08E09 A Game of Chess HDTV CRiMSON

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