#RHOP NEWS: #GizelleBryant SPLITS from husband Pastor #JamalBryant! [vid]

Real Housewives of Potomac fans, probably saw this one coming a MILE away, but let’s play along. Gizelle Bryant and bestie Robyn Dixon were recently on ‘The Breakfast Club’ and when Gizelle announced that she and husband Jamal Bryant had SPLIT UP again during the pandemic.

Those not familiar with the story, Jamal Bryant is a WELL-KNOWN pastor in Atlanta. He and Gizelle were married years ago and have 3 daughters. The two had separated/divorced or what ever but had tried to rekindle their relationship last year. We saw the INTERACTION on season 5 of ‘RHOP’. It appeared that Gizelle TRIED to get the relationship back on TRACK but all her attempts seemed FUTILE, because even her BEST laid plans often left her and her daughters SANS Daddy Bryant.

He would make plans to see them and 9 times out of 10, those plans would not come to FRUITION which lead to GIzelle’s FRENEMIE ‘The Grand Dame, Karen Huger to coin the PHRASE, ‘Is Jamal coming?’

MOST TIMES the answer would be ‘NO’.

In the INTERVIEW, Gizelle detailed what made her call it quits this time around.

Angela Yee began to ask her how things were going with her revived relationship with Jamal Bryant, whom Gizelle divorced in 2009 over infidelity, the reality star interjected to reveal there’s been a “plot twist” since RHOP fans last saw their love story play out on television.

“We were working on us getting back to together … but he lives in Atlanta [and] I live in Maryland … with the pandemic we just realized it’s not the right time,” Gizelle revealed, adding “it’s just not going to work.”

Bryant made it very clear that she is single, “free” and ready for her Hot Girl Summer, “Spring, Winter and Fall.” She also emphasized that the father of her three daughters “will always be in my life.”

“We’ve been in each other’s lives for 25 years. He is one of my best friends [and] I to him. I don’t know anyone more than I know a Jamal Bryant,” she said. “No we’re not together but yes we are still in each other’s lives.”

We will sure to see all of the DRAMA play out on the upcoming season 6 of RHOP and Karen Huger and some of the OTHERS will be quick to say ‘GIRL, WE BEEN KNEW!’

And EX-CAST MATE Monique Samuels said LAST YEAR that Jamal was in Atlanta DOING ALL SORTS of wrong in the name of the ‘CHURCH’. And she had ‘RECEIPTS’.

“Your pastor boyfriend is slinging his big D all around his congregation in Atlanta and you know it,” said Samuels, who read out alleged text messages he sent to another woman at last season’s REUNION.

But of COURSE Gizelle SHOT down those accusations.

“I don’t believe anything that comes out of Monique’s mouth or anything that she has in her binder. I’m glad she’s done some bindering,” Gizelle said at the time. “I knew she was coming to make up whatever.”

Maybe Monique’s RECEIPT BOOK was valid after all…..


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