#SummerWalker reveals 1st BABY PICS–Gets BLASTED from critics about BAD PARENTING and Child Endangerment! [details]

Summer Walker THOUGHT she was doing a GREAT THING by sharing some BABY PICS of her NEW baby girl, but the best laid plans can go AWRY.

While SHARING what she thought was some HARMLESS family pics, Walker set the CRITICS into a TAILSPIN over the appearance of her child and on some of the QUESTIONABLE food items she was feeding her!

Summer showed off a smoothie prep routine, including a bag of organic hemp hearts, raw honey, lime, and what some speculated were shrooms from the packaging label “ultimate shrooms,” however, the product is actually an immune support mushroom powder. All of these ingredients, alongside an open baby bottle, seemed to indicate that the Summer is actually blending these ingredients for her child. 

Some even said the baby look malnourished!

Twitter erupted


But at the end of the day, THAT IS HER CHILD… it’s not OUR concern..at this point. If the CHILD is ACTUALLY in danger, I’m sure the proper people will get involved. Until then… we should MIND OUR BUSINESS!


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