MAG TAG: #IssaRae covers #VanityFair! Talks ending #Insecure, rebooting ‘Project GreenLight’ & more! [details]

Issa Rae doesn’t make vision boards anymore, but let’s take a look at her last one and see how she did. She assembled it from magazine photos, headlines, and other odds and ends at the behest of her publicist back in 2013, when she was between projects. It’s now framed on a wall in her makeshift home office in Los Angeles. Among other things, Rae, who was born Jo-Issa Rae Diop, wanted to cook healthier meals. To fall in love. To have a house with a pool. The board, I can’t help but notice when she Zooms me around the room, also has an HBO logo on it and the words “TV Writer.” You could say the thing worked. Rae has indeed fallen in love—she has an enormous diamond engagement ring, about which she deadpans, “I’m fully single.” And as for her TV career, the world has increasingly fallen in love with her.[VanityFair]

ROYAL AF A regal Issa Rae, photographed March 28 in Beverly Hills. Clothing by Robert Wun; earrings by Ana Khouri.PHOTOGRAPH BY ADRIENNE RAQUEL

Read more about Rae’s PLANS for DOMINATION here!

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