#DrDre shows off his ‘Covid Body’! [pics]

Will Smith kicked the door down by revealing his PANDEMIC body that was far from the ACTION-HERO frame that we were used to seeing in him. Then Anthony Anderson, Marlon Wayans, Flex Alexander, Mark Wahlberg and MORE revealed they TOO had packed on some PANDEMIC pounds and were VOWING to get back into ‘FIGHTING SHAPE’.

Now Dr. Dre has jumped on board with a TWIST. He revealed his ‘COVID BODY’, which is actually in PRETTY GOOD SHAPE.

Mind you Dr. Dre is 56 years old and suffered a brain aneurysm earlier this year…and dealing with a TENUOUS divorce, Dre still has ABS!

Although in good shape, Dre too has VOWED to get his shit in order.

So we can look forward to the Dr. being back in the GYM hard again.

Remember when Dre was RIPPED like this…

Looks like we are going to see alot of GYM PICS coming down the pipeline this summer!


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