#Verzuz: The GOOD the BAD & the UGLY of the #SWV vs #Xscape Celebration![vid]

We are STILL on CLOUD 9 after the EPIC celebration of 90’s GIRL GROUPS, Xscape & SWV! I THOUROUGHLY enjoyed the mutual admiration from BOTH SIDES of the Verzuz set!

Xscape brought the house down and SWV did the same as they BOTH took us back down MEMORY LANE and the JOURNEY was NOSTALGIC and EPIC!!! Now with that being said, I have not done a ‘GOOD, BAD & UGLY’ review in some time. Some of the VIEWERS had been asking for one, so here we go… AND BY NO MEANS is this a CRITIQUE on the TALENT and the LOVE that was shown on that EPIC EVENING!


So my ‘GOOD’ about the whole night was of course REVISITING HIT after HIT from BOTH sides. Xscape and SWV pretty much were the SOUNDTRACK to the 90’s and SO MANY memories are ATTACHED to each SONG they EFFORTLESSLY displayed. ALSO, the ladies still all look absolutely AMAZING!! The adage, ‘BLACK DON’T CRACK’ was PERSONIFIED. ALL the ladies on that stage were GORGEOUS to say the least.

NOW let’s get to some ‘BAD’s… One ‘BAD for me was the SET! I LOVE that the Verzuz PLATFORM has GROWN to be a HUGE entity and enterprise in just over a year, but the SET was too MASSIVE. It felt like the ladies were in TWO DIFFERENT places. It lacked the ‘closeness’ and intimacy we have grown to love about these engagements as of late. The couches and tables made it TOO laid back and the ladies referenced on a few occasions that they felt FAR AWAY from each other and at times they could not hear the witty BANTER from the ‘opposing team’.

A slight BAD also was that during ROUND 1 the ENERGY seemed to be WAY DOWN… and the ladies were singing along with their classic hits as opposed to actually BELTING them out like we KNOW they can do. We are going to get to the ‘UGLY’ a little later, that may explain the DECREASED energy at the ONSET of the show.

Another ‘BAD’ was DJAONE’s DJ set. Unlike, Spinderella, AONE’s song selections didn’t seem to ADD to the occasion’s THEME and the off-kilter transitions and extra BANTER was just a bit of a let down. Spinderella SAVED the set with her PLAYLIST that included HITS from FEMALE singers that were more in line with the whole ‘Mother’s Day’ vibe. Now if we were at an Atlanta KICKBACK, AONE’s set would fit RIGHT in! Thank goodness for SPIN.

Another ‘BAD’ was the reliance on too many SONGS that didn’t feature the GROUP. On a few occasions, Xscape’s Kandi SHOWCASED songs she had WRITTEN, and not songs the group actually SANG ON.. In my opinion, if at least 2 of the members of the group were not FEATURED in the song, it should be ‘disqualified’..IJS. ‘No Scrubs’ performed by TLC and ‘Bills, Bills Bills’ by Destiny’s Child should have been BONUS cuts, and the Ed Sheeran MASH-UP fell flat to me because most people just didn’t GET IT. I see what they were trying to do…but it just did not work. It was CLEAR who had the most INPUT in the playlist for XSCAPE…. ALSO the E-40/Lil Jon song that FEATURED Kandi could have been OMITTED too..IJS…

BILLBOARD did their OWN ‘scorecard’ about the event–I don’t AGREE with their PICKS, but if you wish to see what they said….revisit that HERE!

Now my ‘UGLY’ about the epic celebration actually didn’t even HAPPEN at the celebration. My ‘UGLY’ has to do with the reason Coko appeared IRRITATED during the 1st portion of the ‘battle’.

Coko ADMITTED that she was in a ‘BAD SPACE’ after witnessing a woman that was SHOT outside her hotel room window right before coming to Verzuz and then having an ANXIETY attack once at the venue!

GUN VIOLENCE has to stop and that’s just ‘UGLY’ in itself. For someone to be SLAIN in the streets and for WHAT!? Senseless violence. That’s enough to rock anybody’s MENTAL STABILITY. And I can see why she was RATTLED. We thank her TEAM for emotionally SUPPORTING her so that she could come to the STAGE and BLESS us with her GIFT!

OVERALL, the NIGHT was still 10’s across the board! Once SWV regrouped, the ladies came back out HITTING the STEPS and the notes like we KNOW they can. Xscape came with FULL CONCERT SET performances and the LOVE was truly felt from BOTH sides and conveyed around the world for the MILLIONS of fans that were in awe for over 2- hours of HITS! WE THANK YOU LADIES and we look forward to the next one. DID anyone say something about a JOINT TOUR!? That would SURELY sell-out in minutes! WE SALUTE you QUEENS!

For those that missed out on the CELEBRATION, you can REVISIT the WHOLE SHOW HERE!


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